In this fast-paced, action puzzle game, you will need to defend your home against a band of heroes intent on ending your un-life and taking your treasure.

As heroes assault your domain, you will need to combine essence in order to summon monsters for defense.

Match 3 of the same type of monster on the grid to gain some essence. Acquire enough of the same essence to summon that monster.

Your monsters will fight against the heroes, stalling their advance and keeping them from reaching your inner sanctum.

Every monster type and hero has unique stats: Health, Attack, Physical Defense, and Special Defense, and each monster and hero will attach with either Physical or Special. Based on these stats, your monsters will fair better against some heroes than others.

Your realm contains 7 locations, each with it's own, unique monsters. When a hero is left unopposed by your forces, it will gradually, but steadily advance through the current location.

When the hero reaches the end of a location and moves on to the next one, your leftover essence will be used to construct a temporary, magical barrier, which will block the heroes from advancing for a short time.


  • Design & Code: Tim I Hely
  • Music: Filippo Vicarelli
  • Title Artwork: Mau Mora
  • Game Art: Oryx Design Lab

©2019 Axol Studio, LLC

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorsAxol Studio, Tim I Hely
GenrePuzzle, Action
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsCasual, combat, Halloween, match-3, Monsters, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes


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DOES work on Steam Deck

Pesky heroes slain in Sanctum. Now to see if I can finish them off before that!


i like this game's concept and aesthetic a lot but i feel like it suffers from a lack of interface feedback. having a "gutter" between tiles that doesn't respond to clicking makes gameplay more frustrating, as does the pause when the board is refilling during which my clicks are also ignored. finally there's no way to deselect a tile i've accidentally clicked without selecting another tile, which leads to accidental swapping. 

if the controls had a bit of polish i could see myself coming back to this game a lot. let me know if you ever make any of these changes and i'd be happy to try it again and leave a rating!


Found a couple of potential typos:

  • "Randomy chooses a monster type"
  • "constract" should be "construct"

(Obligatory "I got the game from a free key <3")

It's a MatchX/Bejeweled like game, there are many like it, this is one.
This game differs a bit by being timer based (through the enemy progression in your base) instead of being move based.
There is also a strategic element based on your minions and the enemies stats, but the game doesn't give you that much detail on it, so in the end you just end up not caring too much about it.

Overall a good and enjoyable time killer.

I did it! I beat the game! Now I can finally Lich in Peace.

There's an actual "good" ending instead of them just overrunning you?

this is lots of fun!  still trying to vanquish all the heroes!