A game where you're constantly digging downward and collecting treasure whilst avoiding enemies.

Our original concept was a mixture between Mille Bornes and Flux, however due to the time limit of the Game Jam, we only got a small portion of that implemented.

We used a lot of Kenny's art assets, and some game-icons.net assets.

We made this for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020  [12/04/20-12/06/20]


  • SPACE: Use card
  • ARROW KEYS: Navigate cards


  • DRILL DOWN: Once, twice, three times
  • DRILL DIAGONAL: Once, twice, three times
  • SHOCK ENEMIES: 3x3 tile radius
  • MAGNET: 2 tile radius

Once you run out of cards, you reshuffle and lose an energy.

Once you either run out of energy or health, the game ends.


  • SLIME: Stationary, damage the player when stepped on.
  • SAW: Moves across the screen whilst destroying anything in its path.

Both enemies die when shocked.


  • NORMAL DIRT: One Drill
  • HARD DIRT: Two Drills
  • HARDER DIRT: Three Drills
  • ROCK: Four Drills


  • BRONZE COIN:  One Point
  • SILVER COIN: Five Points
  • GOLD COIN: Ten Points
  • BLUE GEM: Twenty-Five Points
  • YELLOW GEM: Fifty Points
  • GREEN GEM: One Hundred Points
  • RED GEM: Two Hundred Points

We were able to get these modifiers into the final product:

  • Xephos and Honeydew - Make a game that involves digging! Don’t dig too deep though!
  • Drink More Glurp - Put some aliens in it!
  • Pitch, Please - Make it a cardslinger

Made in St Louis using  HaxeFlixel.

Tim and Naomi Hely, the creators


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