v0.8 - City Streets

This update adds some major new features to the game, including:

- New Level 4: City Streets
Fight your way through the narrow streets of the city! Buildings funnel you into narrow streets & you have to keep moving to avoid getting boxed in!

- New Unlockable Characters
We've added 4 new characters to the game! 3 of them are hidden in levels, and 1 of them is unlocked via Mastery! This brings the total number of characters in the game up to 12!

- Weapons and Items
We have changed the way weapons and items work a little bit. We've removed a bunch of the starter weapons and items from the game by default.
Those items and weapons are now unlocked in different ways: some achievements unlock them as rewards, some are unlocked by mastering characters. Also, items and weapons that are unique to a character become 'unlocked' for all characters when you master that character.
For example: master Sir Gerveson the Knight and you'll unlock the Short Sword to be available for all characters!

- Treasure Chests
Elite enemies and midbosses will now drop Treasure Chests! Stand on them to open and get prizes like XP bonuses, Soulstones, or even Relics!

- Relics
Relics are VERY RARE items that can be found in Treasure Chests that majorly impact your gameplay. There are 3 of them right now with more to come!

- Better enemy AI
We've improved the enemy AI a lot. Enemies are now smarter, especially with pathfinding, and the logic for spawning enemies has been improved. This is hopefully something that you won't even notice, except to stop seeing enemies stuck behind walls as much!

- Lots of minor tweaks and bug fixes!
We've tried to improve the overall game as best as we could, such as fixing some issues with the sound options and adding an option for VSync, plus lots more!

We spent a lot of time and effort getting this ready for you, and we hope you enjoy this update!

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!


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Version 30 Apr 11, 2023

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