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The realm is under siege!

Monsters and the denizens of Evil have spread across the land, driving citizens out of their homes and chasing innocent people into hiding!

Now it's time for you to take up your sword!

...and your shield!

...and your daggers!

...and your boomerangs...

Fine! Take everything!

Bristling with weaponry and items, there's just one thing left to say to the forces of Evil: BRING IT ON!

Bring It On! is a single-player auto-attacking 'monster'-hell shoot-em-up survival game. Take on MASSIVE hordes of monsters across several locations, earning experience points to level up and acquire new weapons and items. Can you survive long enough to bring out the Mid-boss and Boss of each area? Can you find and recruit all of the other fighters scattered across the land  to your cause?


  • Lots of unlockable characters with unique talent trees!
  • TONS of weapons and items to find, unlock, and upgrade!
  • Several unique locations - each with its own types of enemies and bosses!
  • Tons and TONS of monsters to fight!


  • Arrow Keys/WASD moves the player and the cursor
  • Enter to make selections in menus.
  • P/Escape to Pause the game
  • Mouse also works for Menu navigation.
  • Gamepad Support


Note: This game is in EARLY ACCESS! It is still being actively developed and, as such, the current version does not reflect what the final product may be.

The current version contains:
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Unlocked Character (the Knight)
  • 1 Unlockable Character

We will be updating the game continuously, and ask that you provide feedback to help us shape this game to be the best that it can be.

By supporting the game in Early Access, you are helping support the development of the game, and helping us pay our bills and things.


You may notice a sort of similarity between this game and another popular game. It is true that this game's development was inspired by the game Vampire Survivors by poncle

We wanted to see if we could make something similar, but different - to see if we could capture some of the fun elements of that game and then expand on them and see what kinds of challenges and/or obstacles such a project would create,  and then overcome them.

This game is not intended to be a copy, a rip-off, a reskin, or an attempt to trick people into buying this game instead of the other one. We have dedicated real time, energy, resources,  and money into making this the best game we could make,  and trying to come up with our own version.

That being said, it is understandable and inevitable that we will be compared to that other game.

We only hope that this comparison can be seen as the flattery that it is intended and not something nefarious.

If you like this game, please consider supporting Vampire Survivors as well - and tell 'em Axol Studio says 'hi' 😉


Code: Tim Hely

Design: Tim Hely  & Naomi Hely

Music: Dorian Kavadlo

Title Illustration: Mau Mora

Base Sprites by Oryx Design Lab

Axol Studio, LLC Logo

©2022 Axol Studio, LLC


Made in HaxeFlixel

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAxol Studio
GenreAction, Survival
Made withHaxe, Adobe Photoshop, Tiled, OpenFL
TagsFantasy, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Ko-fi


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I hadn't played this in a while. I saw it was updated so I decided to check it out again. But hitting Launch in the itch client, the game doesn't launch at all. It tries to pop up a window that closes right away and that's it.

I'm on a Steam Deck so playing itch games through the client is the only reliable way I've found to use itch games. Bring It On was working in the itch client on Steam Deck last time I tried to play it (probably a couple updates ago). I don't know what happened between then and now that's making it not launch through the itch client.

Edit: I tried switching to the previous build (39) and that launches with no problem, but I don't want to be stuck on an old version. Apparently there's something about the latest build specifically that's causing an instacrash. Hope that helps to figure it out.

Sorry to hear about your issue. I don't have access to a Steam Deck to test, but on Windows, downloading the latest Itch build (40) and running it, and using the Itch client both work for me... and as far as I can remember, nothing really changed between the last 2 versions that would cause what you're seeing.

Can you try uninstalling and re-downloading the latest version in case the download somehow got corrupted?

Can you try the Demo version - which is built using the same code as the main version - and see if that works?

Does the Steam Deck have any kind of crash reporting or anything that might say what's happening?

If you want, you can respond via email: tim@axolstudio.com 

I don't know where to find crash logs if there are any.

Uninstalling the latest build and reinstalling still has the same result (window tries to pop up for a split second and then it's gone and the game is no longer running).

The demo also behaves the exact same way.

After reinstalling build 39 and running it again, I can see I have borderless selected in the options. I don't know if that could be a factor but I don't really have any ideas what could be the cause.

All I can say for sure is that some change between 39 and 40 must be causing it.

I did notice there's two save folders for Bring It On in AppData\Roaming:

Axol Studio, LLC\BringItOn - with 2 files: axol-bringiton.sol (1.4kb) and flixel.sol (126 bytes)

Axol-Studio, LLC - with 3 files: axol-bringiton.sol (1.4kb), BringItOn.sol (126 bytes) and flixel.sol (126 bytes)

I doubt that has anything to do with the problem but it seemed strange there were two save folders for the game.

When you run Itch version 39, what number is in the bottom-right of the Title screen? (Itch has it's own version numbering, so I'd like to see what version does work for you)

At some point we did change the way our save files worked, which may be why you have 2 folders. If you rename those folders and try the new version, does it still crash? If so, there might be something wrong with the old save data that is not loading properly... we tried to make sure that every version was compatible with the one before it, but if you hadn't played in a while, there might have been something in a build you skipped that was changed? Not sure...

IF the new update does launch with the renamed save folders, then we have 2 options:

1: If you don't care that much about progression, and don't mind starting your save file over, we don't have to do anything, you can delete the old save files.

2: If you want to see if we can save your old data, then let me know which folder was re-created by the working version, and then email the old version of those files to me so I can pick them apart. This might take some time to figure out where the problem is, but you should be able to recover you saved data once we figure out what went wrong - and it may help someone else in the future.

Totally up to you!

If the save files DON'T fix the issue then I am really stumped... 

(1 edit)

Yep! It was the save version being old that was the cause. After renaming the save folders, the current build launches.

Version 39 from itch says v0.10.3 in the corner. Strangely, the game recreates both folders (although "Axol Studio, LLC" is empty). 

But looking at my progress it wouldn't be worth the effort trying to figure out what went wrong with the save.

I did encounter a different problem with the latest version while playing my first game from a fresh save. After I got stoneskin from a chest , the game turned solid green and closed. My progress wasn't saved. It says I have 0 soulstones after loading the game.

I would suggest saving your updated soulstones whenever you pick some up (or anything else important), to avoid lost progress in case of a crash.

Am I remembering wrong that you used to be able to aim manually where your weapon would attack by using the second analog stick?

Maybe I am. I would suggest having manual aim as an option. After playing some other survior-likes which have that option it's hard to go back to one without it.

Edit: I got another bug after picking up an item which increased xp or loot (I don't remember which) by 100% and reduced pickup range.

I noticed after that enemies stopped dropping xp entirely. There were literally no more xp drops showing up at all for several minutes. I didn't have any upgrades which increase pickup range. I don't know if that was a factor.

In the end all I could do is let myself be killed because it was impossible to level up.

Last update the game stop responding  always on 10:08

Thank you. We dropped the ball on this update with several avoidable bugs and errors and are very sorry. We have been working almost non-stop since release to try and get everything fixed and hope to have a new build out ASAP (today!) which fixes the crashes and improves the performance...

(1 edit)

Just stumbled upon a unforeseen circumstance:
Simultaneous dying and gaining a level causes the game to break and loop. Mobs are spawning, the ending message box disappears and the character is gone.
The only way to get back is by ESC > Restart or Exit.

Apart from that I am going for my last 64 EXP in order to unlock the knights special skill :)

The time needed to fully complete a character feels exhaustively long compared to the EXP gained. How do the others feel about it?

I've added the bug to the list.

The soulstones needed to buy skills is kind of high but we will be adding more ways to earn them soon - like chests and challenges.

Hopefully that will alleviate some of that exhaustion.

Hey ty for the games bro, i just hope u get better days the rest of the year so, again ty and its great that u face this bad situations in a good manner keep doin

(1 edit) (+1)

I died the first time I played because I had no idea my health was so low. If there could be a health indicator bar right above or below the player that would be very helpful, especially on a Steam Deck where your face is so close to the screen. I also don't see any indicator of when your armor is recharged so I don't have any idea when it would be safe to take a hit or not.

I understand this is early access, but is there really no win condition? I know my way around a Survivor-like so the second time I played I was a lot more cautious about my health early on and prioritized upgrades a lot smarter. I was surprised that it took more than 45 minutes to max all the upgrades. That's really long for a single Survivor-like session. I was even more surprised when the clock got past 59:59 and rolled back down to zero. That's when I realized there was no end. Which was disappointing even if it's in early access.

I know from other Survivor games that if you don't win or die your progress doesn't get saved, so I assumed that's true here too and killed myself. The end game screen said mini-boss and boss were killed, level completed "No". But then looking at the achievements it said level 1 was completed, so I'm confused.

I also didn't get any unlocks that I can see, so what do you have to do to unlock a character? I played over an hour straight in that level and was getting the same wave of enemies endlessly for quite a while. I don't think I even saw another new enemy type after the big red knight died. It's very unexpected that wouldn't unlock anything.

Speaking of that red knight, it looked like he dropped something when he died but I don't know if I picked it up or not. Immediately when he died I got a level up. After I chose what to upgrade, whatever the knight dropped disappeared so I don't know if I got it or not. What was that supposed to be? Oh yeah, what are the maps that drop sometimes supposed to do? That and exactly what Luck does are the two other things that are unclear.

Sorry for asking so many questions. I do understand it's in early access, and I will say it's already more fun than some other Survivor-likes I've played.


So each of the levels has a mid-Boss that shows up at the 10 minute mark and then a major boss that shows up at the 20 minute mark.

Defeating the second boss should drop a map that ends the level and unlocks the next level.

If that didn't happen, that's a bug that I have not seen. Maybe has something to do with leveling up with the exact same time is picking up the map and it overrid something but I'll have to look at that. Sorry about that.

As far as progression and unlocking characters, every level has a hidden character available to find in it. It has a chance to spawn as you move around the map, but it's not guaranteed every time you play. Your luck stat increases the chance of it. Spawning as well as increases the chance of things like crits and more experienced dropping from enemies and so on.

I do plan to eventually add an in-depth guide/ dictionary in the game to explain a lot of these nuances.

Unlockable character should have an outline like the elites and the bosses do. And after you defeat one they drop a crystal that unlocks that character when you pick it up.

Also each character has five talents that you spend the soulstones you earn at the end of the level to upgrade. Each character has a mastery skill which is unlocked by upgrading all five of their skills to make level. Some of the characters mastery unlocks a new character. Others add a new weapon to the pool or something.

So in general the gameplay loop is sort of designed to be:

Pick a character.

Play a level.

Try to find the hidden unlockable character by exploring more and more of the map and not just stay in one spot.

Defeat both bosses in that level to finish the level.

Spend soulstones on upgrades to eventually master the character.

Repeat in harder levels/ new characters/ the same level.

Currently besides the Knight, there are five other characters in the game. Mastering the characters to unlock some of them is meant to take some time/effort.

Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry about the bug.

Hopefully that bug is so rare that you don't happen to get it again. Like I said I had not heard of it and not seen it myself but I will look into it.

I have a lot of changes planned for the presentation and some of the inner workings of the game. I just need more time to refine some things before I get the next release out.


You're right about making it your own and expanding on the concepts. I like this more than VS because of the interesting features like ranged enemies and terrain. It was also cool to see at least one boss change behavior based on remaining HP (or time or something). There are a few problems, though:

  • Typo: It says "Feather: increases speed by %5" instead of "5%'
  • If you keep kiting a horde around a mountain/forest, eventually several enemies get stuck inside it, so the pathfinding could use work. This is especially (too) effective against bosses.
  • I thought it's a bit too easy compared to VS in that I never got down to even half health at any time. Perhaps later enemies could deal more damage to make it tenser.
  • The bosses didn't actually align perfectly with me horizontally to apply their horizontal attacks, but it looked like they were trying to. Was this intentional? I wonder if giving them diagonal and/or vertical attacks might solve this.

Thank you for the feedback!
This game is still a work-in-progress. One of the things that has been implemented (but not yet released) is a complete overhaul in AI pathfinding - enemies get "stuck" inside walls almost never, and they will try to work their way around obstacles to reach you instead of just getting stuck in corners.
Trying to find a good balance of difficulty is tough - each of the ~6 characters in the game play totally differently, but the intent was to always make the Knight character be the 'introductory' character and have him be easier (especially for new players) in the early-game to let people get used to the game and everything - but, he doesn't scale up as strongly so that he ends up being underpowered in the later levels, giving players an opportunity to break out the other characters who might be more powerful or at least have specific strengths for specific challenges... (well that's the INTENT anyway... whether it ends up feeling like that in the end is the hope).
The next update is being worked on. It's turning out to be a lot bigger in scope than previous updates but I will add the other issues to the list to check out.
I hope that you can keep enjoying the game as I keep adding to it and refining things - and can experiment more with different characters/levels/builds.
Thanks again for playing - please tell your friends to check it out, if you want :)

Interesting variation on Vampire Survivors. Looks ok so far, my main issue though is that the game spikes and lags for a while every time I gain a level.

Just revisiting this. The game still lags and spikes every time I gain a level. In windowed mode there are also artifacts on the edges of the sprites.