Update v0.3 is LIVE!

It's finally here! Update v0.3!

In addition to a lot of bug fixes and tweaks to the gameplay for balance and other reasons, this update adds some fun new stuff!

  • Reroll! - We added a Reroll button to the Level-up screen. Spend Soulstones to get a new list of 3 upgrade choices. The cost starts at 1 Soulstone, and increase by 1 every time you use it in a run!
  • Achievements! - We've started adding achievements to the game! Right now, there are only a couple of simple ones that you get just by playing the game enough, but we plan on expanding the them over time to include more challenging, or 'out of the way' tasks. Some Achievements will also unlock things like new items, weapons, or even characters. Only one of them unlocks a new item, for now...
  • End-game Breakdown + Bonuses! - Now when you finish a run, either by dying or collecting the map, you will see a breakdown of your performance! Number of enemies defeated, total damage dealt, etc. You'll also earn bonus Soulstones! We've increased some of the ways you can get Soulstones by playing the game now, since you can use them for rerolls. If you quit or restart a run, your Soulstones collected that run will be saved now.
  • Talent Tree Changes - Because of the new injection of Soulstones into the game, we've made a few changes to the talent trees in the game. We've increased the cost of talents by a lot more per tier than before. This means you might not be able to unlock all of the talents for a character after just one or two runs. We've also made it so you have a little more of a choice with talents - you only need to buy 1 of the talents on a tier to unlock the next tier. This means you can choose to unlock all the talents on one tier or save up to get to a talent on the more expensive next tier. Hopefully this lets you have a little more agency over your talents. We still have plans to come back and do some more major changes to talents in the future to make them more interesting and engaging, but this is just a step in that direction.
  • Options Screen - We added an Options Screen to let you change the game's volume, toggle Fullscreen, and clear your saved game progress (if you want!)
  • Title Screen Menu - We added a new menu on the Title Screen to give you access to the new sections, like the Achievements and Options screens.

Some of the balance changes we've made might make the game feel differently from before - hopefully in a better, more challenging way!

As always, we want to hear your feedback on the game! You can always email us at feedback@axolstudio.com or check out our website for links to all of our different social medias!

We hope you enjoy this update, and keep an eye out for the next one which will add a new level and some more characters to unlock!

Party on, dudes! ♥

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