We heard your feedback!

It's always tough as a small indie developer to have access to enough different hardware to properly test for performance issues.

Based on your feedback, we think we've found a few places where we were able to improve the performance of the game.

I'm sure we haven't found everywhere, yet.

If you previously had issues with the game slowing down as you played, or had issues playing the game at all because of poor performance, please consider giving it another try.

If you are still experiencing problems, let us know by contacting us at feedback@axolstudio.com

It would be helpful to know your computer specifications so we can try to narrow down the issue further.

We hope this resolves most of the issues that have been reported, and that our next update can have some more fun stuff in it instead of boring old bug fixes.

Thanks for playing! 💞


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Version 17 Jun 21, 2022

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