A downloadable game for Windows

Hurtling through the inky darkness of space, 36,000 Kilometers above the surface of Earth, you are the sole occupant of the scientific research station, the USS Formicida.

Something has gone horribly wrong - the experimental, genetically modified ant colony on board has escaped containment, the station is now full of super-intelligent ants - and they're hungry.

How to Play:

  • Your food dispenser is out of control! Grab and eat the food it dispenses as fast as possible!
  • Defend your food from the hoards of SciAnts! Smash them with your finger to squish them!
  • Upgrade your abilities and unlock powerful weapons to keep your food supplies from running out!


  • Fast-paced ant-squishing and food eating action!
  • Endless single-player mode - see how long you can last!
  • There are 5 distinct types of ants to squish! Some more dangerous than others!
  • Go for the Gold in 6 unique challenges!
  • Play with up to 3 of your friends in frantic Multiplayer modes!
  • Play with either a Mouse or a Gamepad!
  • Over 20 unlockable achievements!
  • Earn high scores and make it onto our leaderboards!
  • Soundtrack by Fat Bard!


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